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Hi, I'm Thomas Fuchs, author of, JavaScript Performance Rocks and co-founder of Freckle Time Tracking. I've been running SaaS businesses for 10 years now.

With my upcoming workshop and book Metrics FTW, you'll no longer have to stalk the dark corners of the internet or read boring 1980s business books that don't really apply to SaaS for advice on how to grow your business.

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Statistics are only useful if you can act on them

Wouldn't it be nice if…?

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I've researched this because I needed to for my business

I've searched long and far for actionable advice on collecting the right data, analyzing it and then doing what is necessary to improve the bottom line of my SaaS business, Freckle Time Tracking.

What I found… was that there's not that much good stuff on this out there in the interwebs. There's a lot of information for really big SaaS business and there's some scattered knowledge on things like statistics and metrics. But: there's no single go-to advice for owners of smaller, bootstrapped SaaS businesses.

I wanted to know what to keep track of and then how to react to improve my profit. I've put what I've learned to the test in my business and I'm sharing with you steps to take that actually work. I'm not filling up the book with useless theoretical fluff just to sound more academic. Like you, I'm interested in seeing happy customers, money in the bank and having sustainable growth.

Metrics FTW will be out later this year

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